Much has been written about the rapid growth of Content Marketing as the focus of overall Inbound Marketing efforts. The Green Hat 2014 B2B Marketing study shows that:

71% of respondents said they will be spending more on inbound marketing than outbound in 2015; and they also planned to spend 15% of their total marketing budget on content in 2015, up from up from 12% in 2014.

This equates to a vast volume of new content being produced, much of which is simply below standard, resulting in reader fatigue, and the coining of the term “Content Deluge.”

We specialise in deep industry research, and close partnering with our clients, in order to produce relevant, compelling content, which actually helps address the target audience’s challenges, thereby improving response rates and total ROI.

Each of our key packages below include a Complimentary 1 hour Briefing and Strategy session, and packages are flexible around client requirements.

Content Packages


Standard Corporate Articles

– Includes Case Studies, Ghost-written Features, Medium to Feature Length Articles, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts
– Up to 1000 words
– $650 + gst – (Research and writing only)
– $1100 + gst – (Including Graphic Design)

– Up to 2000 words
– $1200 + gst (Research and writing only)
– $1900 + gst – (Including Graphic Design)


  • Place Alt Text HereThe Data Centre Network Effect
  • Place Alt Text HereData Centre Colocation Guide
  • Place Alt Text HereSeccom Global Case Study

Corporate and Solution Brochures

– Includes Copy, Layout and Graphic Design
– $1100 + gst (2 pages)
– $2000 + gst (4 pages)


  • Place Alt Text HereInfocube Corporate Overview
  • Place Alt Text HereCurrency Hedging Brochure
  • Place Alt Text HereInfocube Prism Solution Brochure

Premium Corporate Articles

– Includes Whites Papers, Infographics, Slideshare Decks
– $2200 + gst (Research and writing only)
– $3500 + gst – (Including Graphic Design)


  • Place Alt Text HereNextgen Group – Data Centres Buyers Guide
  • Place Alt Text HereBabyTree Projects Sponsorship Proposal
  • Place Alt Text HereNEC Customer Experience Slideshare Infographic