In recent months, I’m pleased to have helped a diverse range of organisations with their online trading needs. Each case is different – ranging from just an initial online training package through to full service ongoing engagements, depending on the business’ needs and budget. See Services for a detailed breakdown of services and rates.


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Case Studies:


Adrenaline Cycles is an independent family owned bicycle retailer, located in Vermont South in Melbourne. Paul, the owner, is a long-time friend, and I’ve advised him on marketing options for the store for some time now. Recently he realised that online sales were becoming an important facet of his trading mix, and he invited me to assist him in an ongoing capacity in developing this platform, which is what sparked my interest in e-commerce.

To date, the work we’ve undertaken includes strategic positioning, industry research, competitor analysis, supply chain optimisation and order fulfilment. We’ve built a basic website and geared up his eBay presence, and Adrenaline Cycles is now the number 1 retailer of Shimano bike shoes in Victoria.



BabyTree Projects is an all-volunteer Australian Charity, which works to improve the lives of impoverished Cambodian children through quality education. BabyTree Projects have built 3 primary schools in rural Cambodia, and this year we are working to build the first secondary school, to allow the children’s education journey to continue.

100% of all funds raised by BabyTree Projects go to the projects in Cambodia, and we have volunteers raising funds for our work in Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States.

I’m pleased to be a volunteer for BabyTree and, in addition to fundraising, I am happy to donate my professional services in developing the main website, including e-commerce functionality for accepting donations and selling merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, scarves, etc.



Weideman is a high end ladies fashion retailer, based in Toorak, Melbourne. After recently building a new website, they contracted me to advise on available e-commerce options, and are currently trialling the 3dcart shopping cart software, in order to sell directly from their own site.



Not-Tea is a collaboration between independent naturopaths Erika and Lyra who are developing a range of medicinal teas, and plan to sell these, as well as herbs and other naturopathic products online. I’ve been contracted to build a website with shopping cart and a professional eBay store, and then train them in the operation of each so they can manage the store and products from that point forward.



Best Face is a new Australian blog designed to act as a community of interest for men who need to shave every day. It will include advice on skin care and dermatology, specialist comments from skincare and shaving experts, and allow readers to ask questions and share insights. I’ve been contracted to build the blog, with an integrated shopping cart for specialty shaving and skin care products.



Talented makeup artist Sheena Yuasa has been working with hair and make up since  2002, and has studied and worked professionally in Australia and Canada. She has worked with leading beauty brands such as Chanel, Dior, Biotherm and Origins and is highly regarded in fashion and beauty circles.

She also specialises in special effects makeup, prosthetics and creature design, creating unique designs for film, television and special events.

I’ve been commisisoned to created a blog and model database to feature Sheena’s work, with an accompanying shopping cart to allow her to sell her specialty imported vegan, cruelty free makeup – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – both locally and internationally. 


  • NEXT GRID 2012

NextGRID 2012 is an exciting new event on the energy calendar, custom designed to deliver best in class networking and information exchange opportunities at a price point that benefits the entire industry. I’m building the event page, including online registration system, and creating a marketing strategy to help the events succeed in the highly competitive commercial conference space.


  • Little Edible Eden

Little Edible Eden grow delicious organic herbs and sell them in custom crates to people who don’t have the garden space to grow theirown. I’m building a website blog and shopping cart to allow them to sell and deliver these herb gardens online to customers all over Melbourne.



Ros O’Gorman is one of Melbourne’s leading music photographers, using her experience running industry leading web journal to gain access to many of the world’s finest performers. Her unique portraits are now available for sale in limited release, and I’ve been commisioned to build a site allowing Australian and International customers direct access to purchasing her work.



Retrowall have a vast library of vintage prints that they plan to sell directly from their own site, and via a professional eBay store. I’ve been contracted to build and operate both sites, and will be using 3dcart as a complete website and shopping cart solution for the business.



[jbox vgradient=”#d8d8d8|#ffffff” shadow=”7″ jbox_css=”border:4px solid #9d9d9d;]”My name is Erika and my business partner Lyra and I sought Dennis’ services recently to set up our online herbal tea company

Dennis was both very helpful in advising us on how to go about this, as well as patient with our changes and lack of knowledge in this area. This was new to both of us and Dennis was always available to advise us of all of our options, and guide us through all the steps that needed to be taken.

We were extremely happy with the end result of our website and the amount of work that was put into it. Both of us would highly recommend Dennis to anyone who wishes to grow their business or start up an online business.

In fact I was so pleased with his services that I have continued consulting with Dennis as my marketing mentor to help grow my naturopathy and personal training business.”

Erika Wiseman
Naturopath (BHSc)
Elixir Therapeutics[/jbox]


[jbox color=”blue” vgradient=”#fdfeff|#bae3ff]”I’ve worked with Dennis for many years in my capacity as an events developer. Dennis has an advanced knowledge of direct and digital marketing, having managed at least 30 national conference marketing programs, and having spent several years working as an advertising account manager for Sensis.

Now that Dennis has started building websites, he was the first choice to develop the NextGrid 2012 event page, which includes online registration facilities for exhibiters and delegates to the event.

I’m happy to recommend Dennis’s services to anyone needing marketing advice or starting a new online business”

Sam Morton
Event Coordinator – NextGrid 2012[/jbox]


[jbox border=”6″ radius=”12″ shadow=”5″]”In the course of setting up our new website, we consulted with Dennis Adonis who advised us on the best options available for a shopping cart our business.  With his help we transformed into a fully e-commerce enabled site.

I’m happy to recommend Dennis to anyone looking to start or develop their online trading presence.”

Kevin Guiney, Weideman.