Great Content is the fuel of B2B lead funnels

We specialise in creating and syndicating high impact B2B technology content that will engage and educate your prospects on the journey to becoming your customers.

What we offer

Content Production

Deeply researched content produced in close consultation with your internal thought leaders, strategists and featured customers.

Content Strategy

Determine your Goals, Research your Market, Define your Resources, Draft your Strategic Plan, Implement your Strategy, Review, Improve and Succeed.

Lead Lifecycle Marketing

Strategic content marketing to bring prospects along the buying journey – from initial awareness campaigns, to ongoing lead nurture, conversion and advocacy.

Marketing Automation

Deep domain expertise using marketing automation software, esp HubSpot, to programmatically coordinate customer journey management.

Digital Development

Production of digital assets – from campaign assets like landing pages, to standalone projects, including catalogue, interactive and eCommerce websites.

Video Production

Video is the blue chip medium for corporate storytelling – from ads to explainers and full blown customer testimonials and case studies.

Recent Projects

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”We were extremely happy with the end result of our website and the amount of work that was put into it. Both of us would highly recommend Dennis to anyone who wishes to grow their business or start up an online business.

In fact I was so pleased with his services that I have continued consulting with Dennis as my marketing mentor to help grow my naturopathy and personal training business.”

Erika Wiseman
Naturopath (BHSc)Elixir Therapeutics


”Dennis has an advanced knowledge of direct and digital marketing, having managed at least 30 national conference marketing programs, and having spent several years working as an advertising account manager for Sensis.

I’d recommend him to anyone needing marketing advice or starting a new online business”

Sam Morton
Event Coordinator – Expoco Events


Dennis is a long term volunteer and now Committee Member for BabyTree and, in addition to fundraising, he has donated his professional services in developing the main website, including e-commerce functionality for accepting donations and selling merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, scarves, etc.

I’m happy to recommend Dennis to any organisation needing help with websites or marketing, and general advice in getting your business up and running!

Koky Saly
President – BabyTree Projects


“Online tools are now so sophisticated, affordable and available, that the real challenge isn’t accessing them, it’s knowing how to use them effectively, and that’s where I come in…I’ve spent more than 15 years in digital marketing and technology development, which means I’ll help tailor the best possible technical or marketing solution for your particular business’ needs.”

– Dennis Adonis, Principal Consultant